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Review: Little Shop of Horrors

REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

The youngsters never fail to entertain, so obviously enjoying every minute of their shows, and this is certainly no exception

This is always a fun show, despite being absolutely ridiculous, but KODYS performed it superbly, and the musical numbers were a delight

Josh Haywood was terrific as the hapless Seymour who found the man-eating plant in the first place, and he was ably supported by Jessica Brett as the love-of-his-life, Audrey, after who he named the plant.

The singing quintet led by Jessica Richards (playing Crystal), who sings very well, were extremely good, with some fine voices. The others were Olivia Darks (Chiffon), Hannah Perry (Ronnette), Lily Orchard (Jennifer) and Imogen Roff (Ellen).

Ella Hanks played the shop owner, Mr Mushnik, and despite not looking anything like a man, coped well with the role.

The only adult taking part in the action was Julian Richards as the voice of the plant, and he relished every “FEED ME” that he uttered. He was wonderful!

However, one other actor stood out, and that was Louis Wharton, as the maniacal dentist, Orin, who has a relatively small role. The scene where he met his demise was hilarious, and so well performed, as it cannot be an easy scene to play.

All the cast must be congratulated on remembering their lines so well, and more congrats to director Doug Forrester and MD Russell Painter who obviously put in a great deal of work to help the youngsters to achieve such a good show.