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Review: Play On!

Review: Play On! – The Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

The cast for this production were superb – but the play itself us not.

Play On! is about a group of amateur actors putting on a play, and just about everything goes wrong. Not a new concept – and it has been done better.

The play is two extremes. The first half is slow, with few laughs while the final act is hilarious.

It must have been difficult for this talented cast to perform, as they had to pretend to forget lines or say them at the wrong time, or be in the wrong place, and everyone involved must be congratulated. All played their parts extremely well – Claire Hadland, Salli Hunt, Sarah Brewster, Paul Brewster, Lucy-Charlotte Webb, Ian Jones, John Aubrey, and Carol Chamberlain, but especial mention must go to Pat Scully and Sue Doran who provided some of the best comedy moments with superb timing.

Stealing the show was the wonderful Daphne Knight as the hapless playwright, who changed the script and plot almost daily. Her expressions of despair at the actual performance of the “play” were a joy.

Again, an excellent cast but the play is a not a winner for me, Though it has a great ending!