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Review: Kiss Me, Kate

REVIEW: Kiss Me, Kate – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

The Society has again excelled with this superb production of Cole Porter’s wonderful musical.

There were a few first night nerves, but the show soon settled to a near faultless production. The cast is led by Julian Richards as Fred / Petrucio, as always giving a sound performance and he really put such emotion into his songs such as ‘Where is the Life that late I led?’ and ‘So in Love’. His leading lady who played Lilli / Katharine, is a new name to me, Michelle Free, but I would happily watch her again. She is a superb actress and has a beautiful singing voice. In fact I thought she performed the role of Lilli better than the lady in a recent professional production I saw. Michelle was absolutely brilliant in ‘I Hate Men’ and both she and Julian were hilarious in the ‘spanking’ scene.

Kathryn Painter, as usual, was excellent as Lois, partnered by a continually improving Tom Paine. Tom’s Dad Chris obviously relished the part of a gangster and together with John Aubrey, as usually happens in this show, stole the scenes. They performed the perennial showstopper, ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ to perfection.

I have to mention one other performer who stood out and that is Daniel Richards, proving he is a real chip of the old block (Dad Darren directing the show on this occasion), as he sang and danced brilliantly.

It is always good the hear those fantastic songs – ‘Wunderbar’, ‘Always True to you in my Fashion’ etc and I congratulate KODS on another great evening at the theatre.