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Review: Hot Mikado

From The Kidderminster Shuttle Tuesday 10th March 2009

AS a Gilbert and Sullivan aficionado, I approached The Rose with some trepidation, to see what I knew to be a ‘swing’ version of the masterpiece.

However, this is so totally different, that I enjoyed it immensely. It does not just modernise the original, but puts a completely different slant on it.

Performance-wise, this is one of the KODS’s best, with superb contributions by most of the principals and good chorus back-up.

Chris Paine was excellent as Mikado – it was a shame the musicians played so loudly during his ‘Let the punishment fit the crime’, that they virtually drowned him out.

Kathryn Knight as Yum Yum, was delightful as always and Julian Richards gave a strong performance as Nanki Poo, though he had a little trouble with some of the higher notes.

Doug Forrester was excellent as Pooh Bah and Wendy Richards was impressive in her portrayal as Pitti Sing and she also must be congratulated on her superb choreography for the show.

Two performances were really outstanding – as usual, Nigel Preece as Ko-Ko, who’s talent for comedy came to the fore, with wonderful facial expressions and spot-on timing and Jill Parmenter as a very sophisticated Katisha, singing better than ever.

The only weak performance was by Dave Short, as Pish Tush, who never looked comfortable.

The outstanding musical items were Kathryn’s The Sun and I, all of Jill’s numbers and Nigel’s superb version of my favourite ‘Tit-Willow’ which I was glad to find had not been jazzed up!

This was a new, but most enjoyable experience for me. Thanks KODS.