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Review: Death by Fatal Murder

From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 6th 2011

THE third in Peter Gordon’s hilarious trilogy about the hopeless Inspector Pratt once again gave us a wonderful night at the theatre, when we laughed incessantly.

Pratt, played for the third time by Nigel Preece, is just about the most incompetent copper ever: he can never get a name right and comes out with more malapropisms than the lady herself ever did.

A superb performance by Nigel, with his spot-on comic timing, was supported by the delightful and always worth watching Daphne Knight, as Miss Maple, and Claire Hadland as a would-be clairvoyant.

Add to these Dave Clarke as Garibaldi (Pratt thought he was Mr Gary Baldy and, therefore, not Italian), Doug Forrester as the squadron leader, Phillipa Lacey, and Chloe Morton, who was impressive in what I believe was her first major role.

Not to be forgotten, Ian Jones gave a terrific performance as Constable Thompkins. He, too, has comic timing nailed.

I wish there was another play in this series, but perhaps in a few years the KODS will repeat all three. Let’s hope.

Another great night at The Rose.