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Review: Half a Sixpence

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle March 6th 2003

Flash Bang Wallop! what a show by Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Half a Sixpence tells the story of HG Wells’s eponymous hero, Arthur Kipps, who goes from rags to riches and almost back again, losing sight along the way of what is really important.

Kipps is brought to life by Lloyd Wothers, who is new to the society, and what a great find he is. He gave a superb performance, his timing was spot on, and he can sing too.

Of course he had the backing of the society stalwarts, including Chris Paine, Thom Gordon and Paul Taylor-Mills, who were excellent as his mates. I particularly enjoyed their version of Economy.

Always reliable, Wendy Richards gave her usual impressive performance as Kipps’s wife, and Jill Parmenter, as one of the shop assistants, was excellent as always. Dave Preece was good as the unsmiling, uncaring shop owner Mr Shalford, and Chris Pantelli, who was only on stage for a few moments was, however, notable.

Then there was Daphne Knight, unashamedly stealing scenes as the snobbish Mrs Walsingham.

The costumes were wonderful, so colourful, and the set was ingenious, as each piece of scenery was adapted to form another.

The ensemble numbers were well-choreographed by Cheryl Skidmore, especially The Party’s on the House. Something didn’t sound quite right with The Old Military Canal, but it was the first night, and that was the only item to worry me.

This was one of the best KODS productions I have seen.