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Review: Happy as a Sandbag

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle July 3rd 2003

THE latest offering from Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Youth Section was packed with nostalgia for older members of the audience, but must have seemed strange to the youngsters on stage, as the songs were a far cry from today’s music scene.

In a fast-moving show, they reminded us of all the well-known wartime songs, such as The White Cliffs of Dover, Bless ‘Em All, and A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square. Various people popped in, including comedian Robb Wilton and Winston Churchill. Even Adolf Hitler made an appearance!

They were short sketches sandwiched between the music, showing children being evacuated, air-raids and rationing.

Unfortunately at the start the microphones were not working correctly, so some of the dialogue could not be heard. Also, some of the boys spoke rather quickly and hadn’t got very strong voices, so I was unable to hear what they were saying.

However, there was some terrific singing and at the end we all had a sing-a-long, waving our Union Jacks feverishly.

There was something very uplifting and emotional at seeing a stage full of youngsters all enthusiastically singing There’ll Always be an England.