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Review: Stepping Out

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 11th 2003

FORMER professional dancer Denise Churchett was obviously in her element as Mavis, the dance teacher in Richard Harris’s gentle comedy.

A group of ladies, and one man, who each have problems in their lives, try to put their cares behind them for just one night a week by learning to tap dance.

There is the punctilious Vera, who goes around cleaning up after everyone, played superbly by Pat Scully, and Andy, married to a wife-beater, brought to life convincingly by Cheryl Longmore.

Daphne Knight never disappoints, and, as the apparently confident Maxine, who deep down is rather insecure, she was brilliant, delivering several one-liners spot on.

Claire Hadland also excelled, as the gum-chewing, down-to-earth woman with a weight problem, Mary Morgan-Darby made a competent debut as happy-go-lucky Rose, and Chris Paine, always reliable to give a good performance, was well cast as Geoffrey.

Val Lavery and Jackie Rutland also took their roles as the nurse, Lynn, and the rather nervous Dorothy well, but Margaret Rogers, as accompanist Mrs Fraser, stole many scenes.

Her rendition of Happy Birthday to You (to Irving Berlin) was hilarious. This was a good production. VJS