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Review: Pardon Me, Prime Minister

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 14th 2006

THIS farce by Edward Taylor and John Graham tells of a prime minister and his Scottish chancellor of the exchequer who wants his job, and has the support of many MPs. Hang on – that sounds rather familiar!

I hope that is where the similarity ends or my husband says if there are always half-naked girls running in and out of the PM’s office, he is going to apply for Tony’s job.

Nigel Preece was brilliantly cast as the prime minister whose past appears to have caught up with him and John Jones was a perfect foil for him as the pompous, holier-than-thou chancellor, who thinks everything anyone enjoys should be taxed to the hilt.

As always, Nigel played his role superbly, with immaculate timing.

Adding to the mayhem were Denise Churchett as the PM’s somewhat scatty wife, Chris Jones as Dora, a face from the past, Kathryn Knight and Lucy Webb as the two scantily-dressed ladies who cause a great deal of misunderstanding and Ian Jones as the PM’s PPS, who is lusted after by the chancellor’s secretary, played by Salli Hunt.

Frank Bonney appears in the dying minutes with a big surprise.

There were some superb one-liners and I enjoyed every minute of it.