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Review: Honk!

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle July 25th 2002

BASED on Hans Andersen’s fairy tale, this is certainly not an “Ugly Duckling” of a show – it is most definitely a swan.

Performed for the first time in Worcestershire by Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Society Youth Section, this musical is funny and happy, but manages to bring out the moral of the tale, that no-one should be abused or shunned, just because they are “different”.

The characters were not dressed as animals/birds, but there was no problem identifying them.

Paul Taylor-Mills was an excellent Ugly, looking very gawky at first but emerging as a handsome “swan”, Sarah Robinson, who has a good voice, was good as his mum, and Chris Pantelli was impressive as Ugly’s rather thoughtless dad.

Russell Tolly was brilliant as the scene-stealing French cat, who was thwarted every time he tried to take “lunch” (Ugly).

There were notable cameo performances, including Scott Myatt as the bullfrog with a human in his throat (think about it!).

I wish I could mention everyone, as all played their part in giving me a happy, fun, and most enjoyable evening. VJS