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Murdered to Death

KODS Presented ‘Murdered to Death’ by Peter Gordon
12th to 15th September 2007 at The Rose Theatre Kidderminster

Directed by Pat Scully

Our Play in 2007 was the hilarious comedy, “Murdered To Death” by Peter Gordon. It had a cast of baddies, a pretend Frenchman, an elderly aunt and concerned niece – plus various other house guests..and of course a visit from the village busy-body, Miss Maple – played with gusto by Daphne Knight! The butler, played by Frank Bonney took care of the sherry, leaving little for the guests!

Things went with a bang, which was mostly due to the buffoonery and sharp-shooting of Inspector Pratt (Nigel Preece) and long suffering Constable Thompkins (Ian Jones). It was a spoof in the best of the Agatha Christie tradition, and played to full houses between 12th-15th September 2007

A special message to KODS from the author Peter Gordon:

“I hope that you have a lot of fun with ‘Murdered to Death’ and that it works well with your audiences. The Rose Theatre where you perform looks as though it is a thriving little theatre. I know that at least one of my other plays was performed there some time in the past – ‘Seeds of Doubt’ I think. Please pass on my very best wishes for an enjoyable and successful production to all who are involved in Kidderminster O&DS” Best regards, Pete

Set in a country manor house in the glorious 1930’s, the colourful cast of characters guaranteed to delight include – Bunting the Butler; Colonel Charles Craddock with the prerequisite stiff upper lip; the bumbling local police inspector and his Constable; and a well meaning local sleuth Miss Maple who seems to attract murder wherever she goes. Add to this a high society debutante, a shady French art dealer and his moll, and supporting cast, and you have the perfect recipe for uproarious fun and hysterical happenings. But following the mysterious death of the house’s owner, will the murderer be unmasked before every one else has met their doom, or will the audience die laughing first?

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