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Review: Daisy Pulls it Off

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 16th 2004

“JOLLY hockeysticks” abound in this tale of a “posh” girls school, where the students are horrified to learn that an elementary schoolgirl has won a scholarship to their establishment.

Among the pranks and midnight feasts, there is much snobbery, and dirty tricks galore, and even a hunt for buried treasure along the way.

Emma Paine, in her first leading role, is excellent as Daisy, only faltering a couple of times on the first night during her massive amount of dialogue.

Equally impressive is Kathryn Knight, as Trixie, her fresh-faced enthusiasm lifting best friend Daisy’s spirits.

Some of the “schoolgirls” are, how can I put it – nearer my age than Daisy’s. Nevertheless they all play their roles well, and come over quite convincingly, especially Denise Churchett as head girl Clare Beaumont, whose family treasure is missing.

However, Chris Jones stole the show, as Monica, having the audience in hysterics, especially during a class singing lesson – “Cherry Ripe” will never sound the same again!

This was a superb production by KAOS, and lots of fun.

Incidentally, who should I contact to put my claim in for the Beaumont family treasure, as that was my maiden name, so I feel sure I am entitled to a share.