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Review: Secondary Cause of Death

Taken From The Kidderminster Shuttle October 2nd 2008

TWISTS and turns abound in this spoof on Whodunnits, which starts a little slowly but once it gets going, is hilarious.

Nigel Preece leads the cast as Inspector Pratt, and never was anyone so aptly named! he is hopeless at solving murders, even coming to the conclusion that someone with scissors in their back probably died of a heart attack. Nigel was brilliant in this role, as the bumbling cop who had apparently learned the English language from Mrs Malaprop and apart from getting most of his words wrong, he couldn’t remember names for toffee.

Charles Combes was also outstanding in dual roles and Cheryl Longmore was impressive as the extwemely thoppy Henrietta, who’s inability to say her ‘r’s created some double entendre which Crabtree would be proud of!