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Review: Singin’ in the Rain

Taken From The Birmingham Mail March 8th 2001

Julian Richards took a mighty tumble when he slipped on the wet floor in the title number – and unfortunately, this was one of the few parts of the show to go with a bang on the first night.

There were inordinate delays in the dark between scenes – some of them prolonged when players were waiting on stage and nobody put the lights on.

On one or two occasions a brave soul galvanised the illuminations by uttering the first line in the dark, but this was by no means the norm.

Numbers like Moses Supposes, Good Morning and Broadway Melody were shining highspots, with the supremely relaxed and happy-looking Chris Paine rising above the technical traumas that bedeviled the night.

Wendy Richards is a stridently amusing Lina. Jill Parmenter (Kathy) has a pleasing voice but needs more power. The unlucky Julian Richards (Don) is an amiable centerpiece.

The show runs until March 10.

John Slim