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NODA Review: Bugsy Malone

Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Youth Section
Bugsy Malone

Reviewed by: Trevor Guest

Friday 28 June 2013

Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

Producer/Director: Jill Parmenter
Musical Director: Russell Painter
Choreographer: Molly Parmenter

Around thirty or so youngsters on stage with some of them playing two or three roles engaged the audience from the opening gang massacre using splurge gun’s spraying foam (not bullets) on the victims, produced much hilarity which continued through many other gang warfare shoot’s out, This gangster show played by children, tells the story of the rise of Bugsy Malone (Tom Dobbins) who gave an excellent “laid back” performance. He looked totally at ease throughout the mayhem. The battle for power between Fat Sam (Hannah Kearns) also excellent, and his/her gang using cream pies (instead of guns) and Dandy Dan’s (Joshua Haywood) fearsome hoodlums toting the guns. This distinction enabled the audience to tell who was killing who and helped identify the gang members. The show depicts a flashy world of gangsters and show girls and Tallulah’s (Bobbie Hemmings) sassy vamp and Fat Sam’s girlfriend, gave a strong performance both acting and singing. Bugsy Malone’s love interest Blousey Brown was delightful, sang well and has a lovely stage presence. All the other principals the other characters were great and the whole show was a terrific advertisement of the talents on stage and the opportunity to be part of a wonderful show. The Production team can have great satisfaction for the performance and the back stage crew were very much a large part of the success. A simple but very effective set, costumes and a spot on sound from the four strong band put a smile on the audiences faces.