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Shuttle Review: Bedroom Farce

From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 26th 2013

ALAN Ayckbourn fans could not fail to have enjoyed this version of his popular play, the inspired casting being a major contributor to its success.

Who else by Charles Combes could have played the part of Ernest, worrying about his leaking roof, eating pilchards in bed and reading his childhood favourite book?

Ian Jones was perfect as the young man trying to hold a party, and I am sure we all empathised with him as he tried desperately, and unsuccessfully, to build a cupboard from a pack.

Dave Clarke is always a joy to watch, his comedy timing superb and he was ably supported in his role as Trevor, by a newcomer to me, Claire Rutland, who was impressive as his slightly dotty wife Susannah.

Chloe Morton gets better each time we see her, and here she was excellent as the young wife, Kate, while Claire Hadland was solid as Ernest’s wife, though this particular role had little substance.

Alison Faulkner did not disappoint as the long-suffering Jan, who at times got extremely exasperated with her incapacitated husband, Nick, play by the ever-reliable Julian Richards, who stole scenes with the performance of the evening, as Nick – I think we all felt his back pain at times.

Four couples, three bedrooms – totally different people whose lives become entwined, I am not normally an Ayckbourn fan, but I did enjoy this play which has some hilarious moments – the best one coming when Jan was trying to get Nick back into bed!

This was well worth a visit.