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Shuttle Review: Summer Holiday

From The Kidderminster Shuttle March 13th 2014

What a fun evening! For people of my age, this lively show is full of nostalgia, with all those old Cliff Richard hits, and a double decker bus.

There were many musical highlights, but my favourites were Dancing Shoes, Do You Wanna Dance and Living Doll (I know, that is wasn’t in the film, but there were a few additions!)

This mainly young cast were excellent. Three familiar faces, Tom Paine, Ryan Donnell and Dave Clarke were joined on their travels by a newer member of the cast, Chris Yates.All four were superb. Tom and Ryan are now fine actors, and their singing is good too. Dave as always is brilliant at comedy.

The girl singers, Do Re Mi, comprising Emily Preece, Emma Paine and Kathryn Knight, were as good as any girl group of the day (or indeed, today), their voices blending perfectly. I particluary enjoyed their version of Gee Whiz It’s You.

Molly Parmenter is following in her mum’s footsteps and has a lovely voice.

Her real-life mother Jill played her stage mother on this occasion and the chemistry was tangible.

Of course, there has to be a scene stealer, Julian Richards, camping it up as I’ve never seen him before! I doubt if I shall ever forget (or recover from) seeing him with ginger pigtails.

The other scene stealer was that bus, an ingenious design, constructed by the cast, which split into several sections and must have caused the technical team many headaches.

Congratulation to director Darren Richards and the entire cast for a wonderful show.