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Shuttle Review: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

From The Kidderminster Shuttle July 3rd 2014

WOW! What a fabulous evening at the theatre.

This wonderful show was given a most enthusiastic makeover by the youngsters of Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Youth Section, under the direction of Doug Forrester, local singing star Russell Painter as MD and Kathryn Knight, choreographer.

As expected, young Daniel Richards was terrific as Joseph, following in the talented footsteps of his parents, society stewards Darren and Sarah; and his sister, Jessica, combined with Ellisha Green and Grace Gordon to jointly take the role of the narrator, and this they did extremely well.

All the KODYS played their parts well but I have to highlight two more – Sophie Harrington showing a flair for comedy as Potiphar, and an absolutely outstanding performance as Pharaoh/Elvis by Hannah Kearns.

I was a little worried when I heard a girl was playing that role, but she was brilliant, totally stealing the scene.

The musical numbers were performed well, my own favourite – Those Canaan Days – particularly enjoyable.

I was very impressed that all the cast were able to sing the colours in Joseph’s coat.

I know all the songs from this show and could have sung along to them all – except for the part where they name all the colours incessantly because I get lost somewhere around ochre.

As always, the young people put everything into their performances, obviously loving every minute – and so did we in the audience.

I will also mention the goat which was killed by the brothers to smear its blood on Joseph’s coat – at the mention of the words “passing goat” a stuffed toy was flung onto the sage – perhaps you had to be there, but we in the audience found it hilarious.

Any Dream Will Do is one of the most famous songs from this show – well, the whole production was a dream to watch.